Sporadically updated analysis.


Why can I not see

how events follow me?

Into narrowed alleyways

and myopic strangeways

I go — a perpetual circling down

toward a distant Chinatown.


Action, thought and consequence

pull out on harrow bends;

apex and now retrieval

of a thought and its subsequent upheaval.


Upend the outward notion,

now distinct vows go broken;

futilely, or worse,

act and then react;

attempt a change of fate;

in all possible worlds we entreat

the singular drummed-up manic State.












Come through a fight,

scratched, bruised but alright;

now you can write.

Anonymity Calling

Obscurity and darkness;

sought after by the City’s chancers.


Walking on the lot;

taking comfort in liberty;

seizing only the narratable opportunity.


Presently happy, in the friendly

unfamiliar; the known unknowns;

bar tears unseen,

drunk fears libertine,

I am the resurrection:

Queen Dopamine.




The Universal Must

On the cusp

of rust and stardust

lies the motivational must;

the done, doing and the does.


Recipes for politics

found wanting in a state of bliss;

fool no one with your sentiments;

your idiotic sacraments —

your inefficiencies,

trinkets and baubles —

to the end, hording all your weaknesses.

Concerning interviews

The plural is important;


as opposed to the singular:



How to confer upon someone,

in a limited space of time,

the notion that you

are more than rehearsed lines;

that you are trustworthy and taut,

but also capable of laughter

and creative thought.


For the man blessed with many interviews

is made a failure of such ‘success’:

attention divided,

his future undecided;

the path of most resistance, one might deem it,

or maybe the ‘better narrative’.

I’d much rather have a single successful interview

and have time to live.




Regularity and sporadity;

always trying to fall somewhere in between.